Night running with my kids

The long-distance running race was held last Tuesday at my son's elementary school.

I couldn't go to see him because I was up to my neck in work.

"How was the race today?"

I asked him after we came home.

"I finished in 26th place."

He answered.

I was surprised to hear that and said:

"26th? Of the 30 male students? What place were you in last year? I recall you were the 16th place, weren't you?"

"Yeah. I got tired while running."

He told me regretfully.

"I think it is meaningless to compare with your friends. It is important whether you improved your personal best. How was your result? Could you run faster than last year?"

I asked him.

"My result was as same as last year's."

He answered and I said:

"It is maybe because you always play the DS(game) and you don't try to play outside recently. You need to practice running more."

"I have come up with a good idea! I want to practice running! Let's go together starting from today!"

He suddenly said.

"Really? It is very cold tonight. Do you really want to run?"

I was surprised and asked him.


That said, my children and I started night running from Tuesday night.

I chose the running course which we run around the neighborhood.

The distance is about 700m.

On the first day, my 6-year-old daughter couldn't run all-out to the finish, so we walked on our way to the finish.

My son's result was 5 minutes 55 seconds.

On the second day, my 6-year-old daughter also walked on her way to the finish.

My son finished in 5 minutes 45 seconds.

We ran again last night.

My daughter finally could run all-out to the finish!

And my son finished in 4 minutes 45 seconds!

I was out of breath and said:

"How fast you were! I can't follow you!"

My son looked proudly and said:

"But my friend who won the first place ran within 4 minutes. I want to catch up with him!"

My daughter said:

"I hate to lose. I want to get in first place!"

Night running is a happy time for me, because I haven't had time to exercise and we can enjoy the precious family time to reach each goal.

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!


All-you-can-stuff sales of bath cubes

Happy New Year!

My children and I tried "all-you-can-stuff sales of bath cubes" at the DIY store.

A lot of stores did "Hatsuuri (初売り)", which means the New Year sales, and "all-you-can-stuff sales of bath cubes" was also one of the events.

The store clerk gave us a small plastic bag and we stuffed bath cubes into it.

After we finish stuffing them, we pay 300yen for one plastic bag.

I thought it was a bargain, so we decided to try it.

My 8-year-old son tried to stuff bath cubes into the plastic bag carefully, and he didn't mind which kind of bath cubes he chose.

He was only particular about stuffing them tidily.

But my 6-year-old daughter was particular about what kind of bath cubes she chose.

She likes the scent of Mandarin Orange, so she stuffed a lot of bath cubes of mandarin orange.

And she tried to stuff more bath cubes into the plastic bags.

As a result, I stuffed 21 bath cubes into the plastic bag.

My son stuffed 18, and my daughter stuffed 24!

I told her:

"I didn't expect you to be so excited to stuff them."

She told me with smile:

"That's because I LOVE bath cubes!"

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!