When I feel sick

I am very busy with my work recently.

My work sift is until 4pm but I worked overtime until 4:35pm yesterday.

Since I thought I would not be in time to pick my children up, I called the children's house and the nursery school to inform them I would be late.

While I was driving, I started to feel sick and it gradually got worse.

When I arrived at the children's house, I had a strong headache and I almost threw up.

But I had to bear it because I also had to pick up my 5-year-old daughter to the nursery school.

We could come home at last.

After I took the laundry in, I told my children:

"I am going to get some sleep now. I feel sick. Finish what you have to do first, OK?"

I spread the futon in a Japanese-style room and went to sleep.

But I heard my children were talking.

My daughter said:

"I want to eat this!"

My 6-year-old son said:

"Are you sure that you can eat this? Did you ask mom?"

She said:

"Mom said I can eat this before."

"But it was before, right? You should ask mom now!"

I heard my daughter coming,

"Mom, can I eat this dried cuttlefish?"

"Yeah, OK."

I answered.

After that, my 6-year-old son came and said:

"I want to eat Coco-kun!"

Coco-kun is like cereal and we need put them on a plate and pour some milk on them.

"You can do it by yourself. Try it!"

I answered.

After a while, my son came again and said:

"Mom, I already had Coco-kun, but can I eat one more candy?"

"Think and deal with it by yourself! Please let me sleep!"

After I woke up, it was already 7:40pm.

As a Mom I should not get sick.

The living room was messy with my children's toys and my son's textbooks and notebooks.

I had to do much housework after I woke up,

Health must be your first consideration in whatever you do.

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I'm home!

Since I worked yesterday, I asked my husband to make dinner.

I recommended that Nabe (hot pan) would be the best menu because it is very easy to prepare and we can get warm from it.

Recently it has been very cold and it gets dark aruond 5pm.

I came back home at 5:30pm yesterday.

When I was about to open the entrance door, I could smell something good.

I thought, oh yes, my husband is making Nabe

It warmed my heart.

Many father feel these kind of emotions when they come home.

"I am home!"

I entered our house.

My children were playing using my computer.

My 6-year-old son likes drawing pictures using Paint.

These are his works.

This is a Sinkansen (bullet train)!

This is a Christmas tree.

My 5-year-old daughter likes imitating me typing using MS-Word.

It is almost like an objectionable literature!
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Temptation and destiny

Since my husband went to the farewell party of his staff last evening, my children and I went to Hama-zushi, one of the famous sushi-go-round restaurant yesterday.

Most of sushi cost 100 yen a plate.

We can choose not only sushi but also side dishes and dessert.

I found an attractive dessert coming on the conveyor belt that I have never seen before.

It was a strawberry cheesecake and it costs 200 yen.

The cheese cake was a limited time offer and if it runs out of stock they won't serve it again.

I told my 6-year-old son,

"I think it is better to eat two plates of sushi than the cheesecake which costs 200 yen for only one, right?"

I was like doing a monologue, so he didn't answer me.

The cake passed by in front of our table.

Next time it was coming on the conveyor belt, I told my son,

"I can't decide which is better, a cheesecake or sauteed clam with butter. Both cost 200yen. I think clam is better for my health but I also want to eat cheesecake. I can't decide!"

My son said,

"Which are you going to choose, cheesecake or clam? "

I couldn't decide and the cheesecake passed by us again.

Third time it was coming, I told my 5-year-old daughter,

"Can I eat the cheesecake?"


She answered.

I said to myself,

"It is not good not to try what I want to do."

My son said,

"The destiny time. Ta-da-da-da!"

He sang "The destiny " from Symphony No. 5 of Beethoven."

Finally I took the plate of cheesecake and ate it.

It was yummy!

 I couldn't wait, so I had taken a bite of the cheesecake before I took a photo of it!
Furthermore, I also ate clam sushi!
Apparently I can't put up with not eating yummy food.

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Thank you teacher!

My 6-year-old son practises calculation every day at elementary school.

His teacher gives handout of calculation (addition and subtraction), writing Kanji, and so on every day.

Students do it and hand in it to the teacher then she scores it and returns it to them.

My son often scribbles on the back of the paper.

I was impressed to see the handout he brought yesterday.

This is a math handout.

He drew "Jibanyan" which is a popular character of a ghost cat from a famous children's anime called "Youkai Watch".

His teacher stamped praises like "OK", "Cool!","Good job" on it.

She checked student's handout very well and she was not only giving scores but also praising even his scribble.

I have heard from my son before that his teacher put his drawing on the wall of the classroom.

He told me,

"Look at this! My drawing of a dinosaur has been displayed in my class!"

She mounted his drawing on the green paper and wrote her impressions to it under his drawing.

It is written, like that,

"Scribble gallery corner (Oct, 2) ", " I can see how thick the dinosaur is from his picture. It is also well-drawn the thickness of its tail and what it looks like  inside mouth in detail."

"Why? Maybe your teacher found that you were drawing and suggested to display it?"


"Good for you! You must be proud!"

He smiled happily but felt shy.

She also put the shiny sticker which children must be glad to see.

I think it shows great considerations!

I am grateful to his teacher for finding his favorite activity and praising his work.

As a result, it made him like it more.

It is very worthwhile for children to be praised by someone aside from their parents.

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Campared to last year

The school concert was held at my 5-year-old daughter's nursery school yesterday.

Her class sang three songs, and played one song using tambourines, bells, and triangles.

When stage curtains opened, she looked a little nervous, but when she found me, she smiled and shook her hand.

Other boys and girls were same as my daughter, they looked a little nervous at first, but they seemed to be glad when they found their family in the audience.

They did very well.

When I picked my 6-year-old son up from the children's house, I told him about his sister's school concert.

He said,

"I want to watch the video!"

I always bring our video camera and record the school event.

The video festival started at 5:30pm.

They watched today's video first, and after that, they wanted to watch last year's school concert video.

While watching it, I was surprised that I found a lot of thier growth in the video.

For example, some boys were weaping and some girls are squirming with embarrassment in my daughter's class students.

I told her.

"You and your classmate did very well! You didn't hesitate, you could sing loudly and stately. Good job!"

She was glad to hear that.

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Souvenirs of Tokyo

My husband went on a one-day business trip to Tokyo yesterday.

Whenever he goes to distant places on business, he buys some souvenirs for us.

When I woke up this morning, I found these stuff on the table in the living room.

I could not help laughing to see that.

The right one is one of the popular souvenir of Tokyo called "Tokyo banana".

Tokyo banana is usually a banana shaped sponge cake.

But my 5-year-old daughter doesen't like a sponge cake, so she always doesn't eat them.

Maybe my husband knows about it, so he chose "Ai and Sachi of Tokyo banana".

It is a sweets which put chocolate between cat tounge.

"Absolutely! She must be glad to see it" I said to myself.

And the middle one is a catalog of Chirstmas cake.

My children, especially my daughter likes looking at such kind of catalog  because we can see many delicious looking cakes.

I guess that he always thinks of our children and he wants them to be glad.

He is very busy and the time he can spend with them is very short.

But he plays with them and listens to them when he is home, especially when I work on Sundays.

It is not how long we stayed with each other, it is how we pent the time together.

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Too busy day

I was tied up with work yesterday.

We came home at 5:20pm, it was about 20~30 minutes later than usual.

After we come home, I always have to fold the laundry and put them in the chest, iron my husband's and my white shirts, prepare dinner, wash the dishes, help my son with his homework, spread our futon in a Japanese-style room, wash the bath, take a bath with children, dry children' hair...

Furthermore, I had to prepare taking out the garbage yesterday.

We can take out recyclable waste twice a month, and this morning is the day.

There is a guide to sorting recyclables and garbage made by the city.

It is a pain in the neck but we have to follow them.

When I finished all of housework, it was already 7:20pm.

"Let's take a bath at 7:30. Both of you have a slight cold, don't you? You should go to bed early tonight."

I told my children.

My 6-year-old son was sniffling and my 5-year-old daughter was having a cough.

But my son told me,

"I am doing my homework, so listen to me."

"From now? Why didn't you finish it early? I have just finished my housework and I was finally going to have my free and relaxing time!"

I was so irritated because I was very tired.

One of his homework is to practise calculation using addition and subtraction cards.

He needs to read aloud the formulas and answers.

Since he has not got used to doing it yet, it always takes a little time.

" 12-5=7, 15-8=7. Mom! Are you listening to me? "

While I was listening to him, I fell asleep before I knew it.

When I woke up, it was already 7:50pm.

"Oh my goodness! Look at the time! Let's take a bath right now!"

I told them.

We went to bed at 8:30pm.

When I am tired, I am always irritated and become pessimistic.

When I notice that I am thinking negatively, I try to sleep earlier than usual.

My husband often tells me,

"Why do you always get cranky when you get tired? I am always same."

As he says, he is always calm.

I want to be like him, but it is still difficult for me.

I listen to the NHK radio English conversation program on weekdays.

Before I learned a sentence in the program,

"It's not easy to juggle work and family in this day and age."

When I listened to this, I really agreed it.

My husband is very busy and he always comes home in midnight.

I can't expect his help on weekdays.

Our parents don't live near us, so I can't depend on them.

How busy mother is!

I want to handle my work better than now and I want to be a mother who is always calm.

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If they had a younger brother

We went to the park near my house yesterday's afternoon.

Actually I didn't want to go because we went out all day last Sunday.

But my 6-year-old son told me,

"I want to climb up somewhere. Oh, the park is the best. There is a climbing equipment. Let's go!"

My children are still young, so it is sometimes hard for me to play with them.

Maybe it was in the successive holidays in Japan, it was very quiet around my house.

But when we arrived at the park, a little boy and his father were there.

I guessed he might be two or three years old.

He noticed that my children were playing, he came and seemed to join them.

He started imitating my son and daughter.

When my son climbed up the bar, he tried to climb but he couldn't.

When my daughter rode a swing, he tried to ride but he couldn't.

His father who had his business bag sat down on the bench a little far from him and started his work and he hardly looked at his son.

I worried whether the boy would imitate my children and try to do dangerous action for him.

I told my children,

"Pay attention to him! If you do something dangerous, he will imitate you. So be careful!"

"I got it!"

They answered.

After a while, my son was riding a swing.

Suddenly the boy tried to go across the swing and he was about to bump into my son.

"Watch out!"

I shouted.

My son stopped the swing in a rush.

"Phew, saved by the bell."

My son said.

"Saved by the bell. It was dangerous!"

He imitated my son and smiled.

I was really relieved.

After that, the boy had been following us.

Since his father came to his son, I asked him,

"May I ask his age?"

"He will turn 3 yeard old soon."

"So will he enter the kindergarden or nursery school in next April?"


He answered.

It was interesting to look at them.

My son who always tries to do something dangerous looked after the boy not to try to do something dangerous.

My daughter who is still young for me was like an elder sister of him.

If they had a younger brother, they would be like that.

It was very interesting happening for me.

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One day trip to Tokyo

My children and I went to Tokyo for one day trip to meet my English teachers of online English school yesterday.

They transferred from their Philippine office to Tokyo office.

I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet them.

But I had a worry to visit Tokyo.

It was to take my children there together.

They are still young and get tired easily.

I wondered whether they could put up with too crowded places in Tokyo.

It is crowded everywhere in Tokyo, we need to follow the line if we want to do something.

Especially, we were in successive holidays now and it could easily expected that it would be crowded everywhere.

So I considered where would be the best place to meet up.

I asked teachers to visit Ueno zoo.

It was the selection for my children because I thought they would enjoy it very much and they probably would not be bored.

I needed to wake my children up at 6:30am yesterday morning.

It was a little early for them, especially for my 5-year-old daughter.

I finished breakfast, laundry, and preparing their cloths and my baggage before I woke them up.

My 6-year-old son could get up earlier than 6:30am, but my daughter would not wake up as I expected.

But we could leave home on time.

We took the local train first and transferred to Sinkansen at Nagoya station.

They looked forward to get on Sinkansen.

It was their first time to go to Tokyo by Sinkansen.

Since they often get motion sickness, I gave them medicine before we left home.

When my children saw the sales woman was coming through the aisle with a food sales wagon, they were so exited and said,

"Wow! Look mom! Something is coming!"

It was the first experience for them to see the sales wagon in the train, so I bought snack for them.

They were so glad.

"Wow! Look mom! Mt. Fuji!"

It was cloudy today, but fortunately, we could see Mt. Fuji from the window.

It was also the first experience for them.

They spent their time in Sinkansen drawing pictures, looking at the view from the window, playing cat's cradle.

After we arrived at Tokyo station, we transferred to Yamanote line and got off at Ueno station.

We went to the zoo ahead.

My children liked prairie dogs very much.

They were so cute, so they watched them for a long time.

After a while, teachers came to the zoo and we finally could meet.

I was really glad to be able to see them in person.

My children seemed to be nervous and shy because they hardly understand English.

But thanks to their kindness and friendly behavior, they were getting opening up to them little by little.

In fact, they were well used to dealing with kids.

My children liked playing with them and they were OK without me though they couldn't understand English.

Ueno zoo is famous for its panda, but we didn't go to see them because we had to follow a long line.

But my daughter ate Panda pancakes for lunch!

We enjoyed hanging around the zoo together.

They bought a stuffed long snake for my son, a stuffed panda for my daughter as souvenirs.

Since I didn't buy anything for them, they were really glad to get them.

I told my children,

"Say thank you to them in English, not in Japanese."

They said to them,

"Thank you very much!"

Time passes quickly when we are having fun.

The time we had to say good bye to them had come.

They got off the train at Tokyo station with us.

My children and I really missed them.

We told them thank you and we hope to see them again.

We bought bento ( lunch box ) for dinner at Tokyo station.

It was another first experience for them to have dinner in Sinkansen.

After dinner, my daugter fell asleep on my lap, and my son had a trainsick a little, so I gave him medicine again.

He also lay on my lap but he didn't sleep.

When we arrived at Nagoya station, she couldn't wake up so I had to carry her.

But when she found beautiful Christmas lights at the department store and at the street, her eyes twinkled and said,

"Wow! Look mom! How beautiful!"


Thanks to the beautiful lights, she could wake up.

I was really glad to decide to visit Tokyo.

I had a lot of worries about my children, but I didn't need to worry.

My children grew up than I thought, they could enjoy their trip.

They could experience a lot of first time events for them.

And we were happy the most to be able to meet with my teachers.

I thought I should try what I really want to do without hesitation not to regret what I didn't try.

This trip will become our great memory for us.

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Thank you for concern

I wrote about my daughter's cold and fever in my yesterday's post.

I asked my mother to come and look after my 5-year-old daughter yesterday.

My father came with her because he was so worried about her.

My daughter looked worn out and had a fever of 39 degrees yesterday's morning.

She lay down on the sofa and looked feeling dazed.

She didn't want to eat anything because she had an upset stomach and had got diarrhea.

"I will come home as soon as possible, so please take care of her. I will take her to the hospital after I come home."

I asked my mother.

"Are you OK? You poor thing! Have a nice sleep. I will come back about 4pm, then let's go to see the doctor again."

I told my daughter and patted her on the head, then I went to work.

I called my mother to ask how she was when I was in the lunch break.

She said my daughter's fever might be higher and she was sleeping all morning.

I asked our team leader to go home early in the afternoon.

When I came back home around 3:30pm, she looked better and was eating rice crackers.

"You looked better! Are you OK? "


She smiled.

I was relived.

I took her to the hospital and the doctor said,

"Probably she has a Stomach flu. I’ll prescribe an antibiotic for it."

After dinner, she took the medicine.

She could take powdered medicine by herself.
Her temperature was 37.3 degrees.

Maybe she will recover it soon.

I really thank my mother.

Thanks for her help, I can go to work even when my children are sick.

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Why don't you take a rest from shcool today?

My 5-year-old daughter had a cough and running nose since 4 or 5 days ago, so I had let her take medicine.

But her cough got worse since 2 days ago though she didn't have fever.

So I was going to take her to the hospital yesterday.

I took her temperature yesterday's morning, she had a slight fever of 37.4 degrees.

Since it was my day off yesterday, I told her,

"Why don't you take a rest from school today? Let's go to see the doctor."

Then my 6-year-old son who was listening to our conversation said,

"If she does't go to school today, I also don't go to school today!"


I was disgusted with him.

He also wants to skip school whenever his sister doesn't go to the nursery school because of illness.

He regards it as unfair.

He started getting angry with me saying,

"Mom! I am asking you! Please!"

"No. You don't have a fever. You don't have to take a rest today. Go to school."

"No! Idiot!"

He said the word he must not use to parents.

"What? How old are you? How long are you going to keep saying like that? Going to school is your duty and right!"

My husband also said,

"Why do you need to take a rest? Go to school!"

He went to school unwillingly.

On the other hand, my daughter told me,

"I want to go to the nursery school. We will have a rehearsal of music concert. I want to watch another class's performance!"

I took her to the nursery school and explained her condition to her teacher.

"She said she wants to attend the reharsal by any means. I will take her to the hospital after 11am, so I would like to pick her up after the rehearsal ends. Is it possible? If her fever becomes higher, could you call me, please?"

Actually we can leave our children who have a fever under 37.5 degrees with the nursery school.

The teacher said,

"I understand. They will only sit down and watch their performances, so maybe she will be OK."

My son and daughter are siblings but they have completely different personalities.
I hope my son gets it together more.

Her fever became higher in the evening.

I took her temperature in midnight because it was very hot when I touched her body.

She had a fever of 39.0 degrees.

She was delirious with fever and said,

"I don't like such a cake!"

Maybe she had a nightmare.

I hope she will get well soon.

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The Hare and the Tortoise

My 5-year-old daughter is skillful with his fingers like her grandfather.

She can do most of things.

She showed me a finger play last night.

The finger play is played with a children's song called "The Hare and The Tortoise" written by Japanese.

(* The Hare and the Tortoise is one of Aesop's Fables.)

When I was an elementary school student, I was taught it by someone, maybe from a friend of mine or my sister.

Maybe there are various ways of finger play used the song, so I think that the way which I knew may be one of them.

It was difficult for me, so I practised it a lot and finally I could play it.

But my daughter could do it soon without much difficulty.

I was so surprised to see her playing.

She played it singing "The Hare and The Tortoise".

 "The Hare and The Tortoise"(うさぎ と かめ)
もしもし かめよ かめさんよ
( Hello, Hello, Mr.Tortoise,)
せかいの うちで おまえほど   あゆみの のろい ものはない
( Nobody around the world walks as slow as you )
どうして そんなに のろいのか
( Why do you walk so slowly?)
※I tried to translate the lyrics. If you find errors, feel free to let me know.

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Goodbye my beetle

I wrote that I bought a male and female Japanese rhinoceros beetles for my children at the ceramic festival in August. 

→ (past post : http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/08/new-members-of-our-family.html )

The female beetle died about a month ago.

→ (past post : http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/10/rest-in-peace.html )

Before we went to bed last night, it occurred to me that whether the male beetle would be still alive.

We had not seen it since last Friday.

Since it is getting cooler and cooler here in Japan, we knew it is dying.

I told my 6-year-old son,

"Is your beetle still alive? Did you check it recently?"

He was surprised at my word and opened the cage of the beetle in hurry.

He said,

"It was already dead..."

In fact, he didn't take care of it and didn't check it except when I asked him to do it though he told me that he would surely take care of it when he asked me to buy it.

The words came out of my mouth before I knew what I was saying.

"Oh, What a pity!  It had died lonely without being noticed by nobody!"

My son suddenly started crying bitterly.

"My poor beetle! How sad!"

He kept crying in sadness for a while.

I started regretting my word.

I said too much though its death was not his responsibility.

I only wanted him to check how it goes.

But I was also glad to see his attitude.

Because it was the first time that he felt sad when his insect died.

He often caught a lot of insects and put them in his insect cage then left them without taking care of them so far.

Of course they died soon but he had not changed his attitude.

I told him,

"I am sorry, I said too much.

But it taught you that the life is only once.

If we die, we never revive again.

That's why it is important to value your one and only life.

I felt sorry for you, but I am also glad to know you are a kind boy."

I patted his back kindly to settle him down.
He felt asleep soon.

We will bury it in the ground today.

Rest in peace, thank you the beetle.

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Lucky Cat (Manekineko)

My family went to the sea yesterday morning.

A friend of mine is a professional photographer, so I asked her to take photos of our family for the New Year's card of next year.

She chose the seashore for the location.

I asked her last year, too.

At that time, my 6-year-old son was too shy and he ran away.

It was a hard time for her to take his photo, but as I’d expect of a pro, she didn't miss the moment chance, and took the nice photos of him.

This year, my son had no problem.

He enjoyed it very much.

But my 5-year-old daughter was too shy and had such stiff looks on her face.

My husband and I couldn't help laughing.

Then that's his standard, my son fell at the beach and got wet!

It was fortunate that I brought his change of cloths including his underwear!

After that, we went to the agriculture festival held in my hometown.

My son won the Lucky Cat figure in the lottery there.

It is a pottery piggy bank.

Lucky can is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

If it raises its right hand, it is believed to bring economic fortune, and if it raised its left hand, it is believed to bring customers.

White cat is normal, but he got black cat.

It is believed to protect people from evil.

I put it on the shoebox of the entrance.

I hope it will give us good luck.

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A school concert

We went to my 6-year-old son's elementary school to see the school concert yesterday.

The first grader sang two songs and played instruments together for one song.

They used a lot of instruments like castanets, tambourine, triangle, bell, wood block, keyboard harmonica, glockenspiel, xylophone, big drum, snare drum, cymbals, piano, and organ.

My son played a glockenspiel.

He looked nervous at first, but he did well.

They were the youngest in the school, they were cheerful, energetic, and still adorable.

After the first grader, we watched the fifth grader's performance.

Of course they were older than first grader, sang and played better.

Especially their ensemble was excellent.

I thought their teacher took the great effort to encourage them.

Last September, the sports day was also held in the school and the students could have a good opportunity to unite and work together.

Those who are good at sports could contribute to their class.

This time, they could experience to do their best with classmates again.

Those who are good at music could show their well-prepared performances.

These events will be their fond memories in the future.

And they will learn pleasure to try hard towards the same aim together.

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Easy and Yummy Nabe (hot pot)

Since we have a lot of Chinese cabbages, I made "Nabe" for yesterday's dinner.

I searched the recipes using "Cookpad".

It is one of the popular websites in Japan where we can search for a lot of recipes posted by the members.

I could find recipes by entering the food names or keywords which I want to use.

I chose the recipe called "Millefeuille pot".

The procedure is quite easy.

First, cut the Chinese cabbage, pork, and mushrooms.

Put vegetables and pork alternately into the pot.

Then stew them with soup stock, sake, salt, and soy sauce.

That's all!

I asked my children to make grated radish.

They said,

"I want to try!"

It needs strength when they grate radish, but they did good job!

I put grated radish only in my bowl because it has a pungent smell and taste so maybe my children won't like it.

I thought my children would complain about the menu.

As a child, I didn't like Nabe dishes.

They usually don't attract children.

As I expected, they said,

"Oh no! Nabe! I don't want to eat it!"

I told them,

"Don't say that. You haven't even tried it. It is yummy!"

They started eating them unwillingly.

Suddenly my 6-year-old son said,

"It is yummy!"

Then my 5-year-old daughter also said,

"Yeah! Yummy! We are holding Nabe party today!"

I knew they would like to eat Nabe because they were really hungry yesterday.

I made "Ojiya" using leftover Nabe soup.

I put rice and beaten egg in the soup, then stew them.

My daughter told me that she didn't want to eat it at first.

But I put it in front of her, and she said,

"Wow! Smells good! I want to eat it!"

She ate half of mine.

Nabe dish made us warm and happy last night.

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Baked sweet potato

I bought sweet potatos at the unmanned sale stand near my house two days ago.

→ ( I wrote about the unmanned sale stand in my past entry :http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2014/11/japanese-conscience-unmanned-sale-stand.html )

Sweet potatoes are one of the flavors of autumn in Japan.

My children like sweet potatoes, so we looked forward to buying them from the stand.

After we came home, I asked my children,

"Do you want to eat baked sweet potatoes?"

"Yeah. I want to eat!"

I baked them by microwave oven.

It took about 20 minutes.

"Smells good!"

My 5-year-old daughter said.

She likes sweet potatoes very much.

"Come and get it!"

I told them.

They, who always would not come at dinner time, came in hurry.

"I want to eat the biggest one!"

She said.

"I am going to give you this. It is the biggest, right?"

She seemed to be satisfied with it.

"Itadakimasu! (Let's eat!)"

"Oh, it's hot! But sweet! Yummy"

It is better than snack.

It contains carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins, potassium, minerals.

I would like to get them again if I find they are sold at the unmanned sale stand.

Why don't I get them at the supermarket?

Of course I can buy them at the supermarket, but it is expensive.

The unmanned sale stand is the best place to get them for me.

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Draemon's pocket

My 6-year-old son made a "Doraemon pocket" before.

(Doraemon is one of the most popular anime in Japan.)

According to him, there are a lot of secret tools in the pocket.

He likes it and treasures it very much.

But he sometimes leave them on the floor, so I regard them as garbage, and almost throw them away.

I asked him yesterday,

"Are all of them your treasure? For example, the deflated balloons, too short pencil which can't write, the lid of milk bottle, a bell with no string, your drawing..."

"Yeah. All of them are my treasures. Don't throw them away!"

I wonder how long I have to keep them.

He made the white pocket, and my 5-year-old daughter made the black one.

I am always struggling with how to keep their masterpieces.

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How important review is

I practised English using Duolingo last night.

It is the website where you can study a lot of different languages.

I can practice translating English into Japanese and vice versa.

I can do read aloud and grammar test by answering the questions.

The questions are separated by the different rules of grammar.

After I finish a section, my memory of it reduces over time.

We can practise many times how to strengthen our memory.

I told my 6-year-old son who already finished his homework,

"I envy you! You have a lot of time to study, and you can remember everything easily.

Furthermore you don't forget it after a while.

In my case, I don't have much time to study whenever I want so I need an effort to make my studying time.

And I forget what I had remembered soon.

I need to review many times.

You are in the best time to study.

Don't waste it.
If you have something to try, try it now!

We realize the importance of the youth after we grow up."

He was listening to me like his lost.

When I was a college student, I liked travelling but I didn't have money because I did it too much.

But my mother told me,

"You can go if you want to go. If you don't have money, you can make money by working. You should do what you want to do while you can do it."

I really understand her words now.

I told my mother about what she said before, but she completely forgot about it.

She said,

"Did I tell you such a thing?"

This is it.

When we get old, we forget easily.

I realized that it is important to review and not to forget.

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