Uunforgettable Day

Yesterday was the last day for my 6-year-old son to go to the nursery school.

My children enjoyed a balmy spring day at the nursery school.

It was a very warm day, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

When I reached the nursery school to pick them up after I finished my work, he was playing soccer with his friends.

I was so impressed because he no longer looked a little baby, he was a boy who had grown up.

I recalled his first day for him at the nursery school.

His teacher told me that he didn't have lunch at all.

I looked at him, he almost started to cry.

It is a fond memory for us now.

I always want to go home with them quickly because I would be busy for housework at home, but I wanted to watch them playing soccer enjoyably a little more.

He and I said a final thank-you to his class teacher.

She will be transferred to another nursery school from April.

She was cheerful and very kind to children.

I know she loved children very much because she really watched children well and always told parents about our children a lot.

She sometimes a little strict to them with love, but I liked her way of taking care of children.

My son and I liked her very much and I really thank her.

She is also a mother with two children, so we enjoyed talking about our children.

After we came home, I suggested my children to go to the park near our house to see cherry blossoms because the weather forecast said that it would last rainy days for a while from tommorow and I thought today was the last day which we could see cherry blossoms.

They were so excited and said, "I want to go! "

We walked to the park singing songs.

Since we rarely go out in the night, they were so exited.

The park was illuminated.

It was for the first time to see cherry blossoms at night.

They were so fantastic and beautiful beyond description.

We were fascinated by them for a while.

Then they started playing with other children around playground equipments.

We stayed in the park for more than one and a half hours.

Thanks to him, I was able to become a mother.

The things which are for the first time for my son are also for the first for me.

So he is a little nervous about the new life.

And I also a little worried whether he will be able to get used to the new life soon.

March of parting and the departure ends and April of an encounter and begininng is coming!

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Tomorrow is another day

I like the sky of predawn.

I get up at 4 o'clock every day because I make dinner and lunch box, do the laundry, and study English.

Unfortunately, I have to study about bookkeeping for my job recently , so I am not able to have much time writing blog entries and take English online lessons.

But studying about bookkeeping is getting more interesting than before.

I will take an exam of bookkeeping in June.

Everytime I hang the laundry out to dry, I can see the sky of predawn from a porch at the second floor of my house.

The sky gradually turns into a rainbow color and it is so beautiful and awe-inspiring.

I like the color and its predawn stillness.

I can feel an extraordinary feeling as if I feel like having this moment only for myself and it inpires me a lot to do the best of what I can do today.

According to one of the famous Japanese classic essay, Makurano Soushi from which I quoted this line that goes "in spring it is the dawn that is most beautiful".

I really agree this!

My 6-year old son was so upset and in a bad mood yesterday after we came back home.

He suddenly said "I am going to die!"

"What happened?" I asked.

But he chose to stay in silent and didn't answer my question.

And he kept saying "I am going to die" "I'm fed up with all this stuff!"

I always tell my children not to say the phrase to "die" to their friends and family.

But I told him "Maybe you had an experience as bitter as death at the nursery school today."

After a while, he started telling me why he was upset.

His good friend was absent from school, and he was not able to play nicely with other classmates.

He started crying and said, "Everyone didn't play with me though I told them "Let's play together!"".

I told him, "That's too bad! You really wanted to play with your friends, but they wanted to play with other classmates. You were so disappointed! "

He nodded.

I continued, "But I am very happy to hear that. Do you understand why I am happy? Do you remember how you were when you entered nursery school? You told me that you didn't like play with your classmates. You wanted to play alone because you wanted to monopolize a toy. But you want to play with your friends! You grew a lot during the nursery school life. Today was not your day, but rainy days never stay. Tomorrow is another day!"

He stopped crying and said, "I want to eat snack!"

"Tomorrow is another day".

It may be the word not only for him but also for me.

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Congratulation on your graduation!

My husband and I attended my son's nursery school graduation ceremony yesterday.

My 6-year-old son was so nervous because he should say greeting words of graduation with their classmates.

I was also nervous because parents' association general meeting would be held after the graduation ceremony.

I was the member of the parent's association, so we needed to manage it.

In the ceremony, they sang three songs.

One was a song which was used at their sports day.

They danced to the the song.

I recalled the memory of sports day and I had tears welling up in my eyes.

Then I drown in my own tears to hear the lyrics of the other song.

They were like these, "How many times I smiled and cried, and how many times I had a cold ",

 "We have been getting bigger and bigger, getting stronger and stronger, getting fitter and fitter day by day."

He had a cold many times for three years.

When he had a high fever, I was so worried and hoped he would get well soon.

I was recalling his fond memories during the ceremony.

My son and his classmates did a great job during the ceremony, so I was very proud of them!

I remembered that my son didn't want to separate from me on the first stay at the nursery school.

When I picked him up, his teacher told me that he couldn't eat lunch at all!

His face looked sad and tired, so I became also sad and I felt that it was too early for him to make him go to the school.

But he has grown up and he enjoys playing with his friends now.

I realized that the growth of children is very fast.

After the ceremony, parent's association general meeting was held with no problem.

That was a big weight off my shoulders.

Then we went to his class to hear his teacher's greeting.

She looked deeply moved.

Since I was a member of parents' association, I asked my son to give her an album.

Children wrote messages to her and draw pictures to the postcard by one piece of one last month and I put them on the album and decorated it.

She was so surprised and glad to see it.

She almost cried and told us "I am grateful to you. Thank you so much."

I took the photo of my son and his friend who my son liked.

She will move soon to far place.

He didn't understand the meaning which he would not see her again.

The life always comes together with the parting.

I really hope that  he will have good friends from now on.

It was a very good and cold sunny day and we could see the buds of the cherry tree yesterday.

We will probably be able to see the cherry blossoms on his entrance ceremony of the elementary school.

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Though he is fine..

I wrote that my 6-year-old son has a fever Saturday night.

I took him to the hospital on Monday morning and he saw a doctor.

He was diagnosed with streptococcal infection.

He was given 7 days medication of antibiotics and he would recover it if he took all of them.

After he took medicine, his fever went down.

But he was absent from nursery school on Tuesday because a rash had still appeared on his body.

Since I had to work on that day, my mother came to our home to take care of him.

She told me that it was hard for her to take care of him because he was energetic and ate very much.

Since he had to stay home and rest, he was irritated to want to play.

And he was also irritated because a rash was too itchy.

When I came home, he was chasing his 4-year-old daughter and just going to hit her.

It was a hard time to make calm him down.

My father also came to our house to see his grandchildren, so I made dinner for them.

We enjoyed dinner together.

We also ate very good strawberries which a friend of my husband gave us. 

They were very big and sweet.


His rash had not disappeared yet yesterday.

Since I was a day off, he took a day off, too.

After I picked up my daughter from the nursery school in the evening, she told me that she wanted to play with soap bubble.

When she and I were playing with soap bubble in front of our house, my son also came to us and said, "I want to play it, too!"

I made soap bubbles, then they jumped and tried to break them.

They enjoyed playing more than 50 minutes.

I watched that my son who had been frustrated inside the house was playing with his sister happily and thought that playing outside is the best thing for children.

He will go to the nursery school from today!

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Happy family day! But...

Something has been not wrong with my laptop since last week, that's why I have not been able to get much work done recently.

But I finally could write my blog again after a week.

Since it was a fine Satureday, my family visited the plum blossom viewing spot near my house.

The plum blossoms were so beautiful and the air was redolent of them.

All of them were "trees of weeping Japanese apricot".

We could also see bamboo forest there.

A flower of plum blossom was so beautiful!

My children looked forward to playing and touching chicks there rather than looking at plum blossoms.

(There was a small zoo next to the plum orchard.)

Especially my 6-year-old son loves animals.

The plum blossom festival was held there, so there were lot of food stands.

We had a great time there.

After we came back home, my son and I visited to his friend's house to give cookies for white day.

She gave him chocolates at Valentine's day, so we made cookies in return before we went out.

Then we enjoyed the board game called "The game of life".

It is a very famous board game in Japan.

My family used to play it when I was a child.

I bought it because I wanted to play with my children as well.

We enjoyed it very much.


While I was making dinner, my son acted differently than usual.

My husband touched him and said, "He may be have a fever!"

I also touched him, he was so hot and I found out that he had a fever.

I took his temperature soon, he had over 39 degrees!

He started to cry saying, "I have a headache! I almost threw up!"

He panicked and cried.

Since I made a judgment that I had better use suppository of antipyretics, I inserted it to him.

Then he was able to fall asleep, but he has not got well yet.

I should take him to the hospital today.

I suspect that he would have a flu.

Anyway I hope he will get well soon.

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New Desks came to our home!

We bought desks and chairs for my children last month and they were delivered to our home yesterday.

One of the reasons why we decided to buy new sets ofdesks for them is that my son will enter elementary school in April.

The desk is intended for my son's use only, but I could see that my daughter will surely be jealous and would envy why her brother has and she doesn't have.

We decided to bought one for her too even if she will be using it two years from now.

While furniture store's delivery men were assembling desks, my children were excited and looking at what they were doing.

After they finished assembling them, my children were so glad to see them and told me,

"I am going to study here!"

And they started making their notes and draw some pictures and my son asked my husband to make some questions of simple calculation and solve them.

I asked my 4-year-old daughter, "What are you going to study?"

She answered "I am going to study "Study"!"

It was funny that she didn't understand what to study.

They liked their new rooms (desks and chairs) very much and they stayed for a while.

When I got up this morning, they were leaving the lights on in their room.

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Good bye Hina Dolls!

I made "chirashi-zushi" for Girl's Festival on Sunday because my husband would visit his brother on March 3rd.

It is very easy to make, so I always make this on Girl's Festival.

Since my children and I love salmon roes very much, we enjoyed eating sushi toghter.

When I was packing Hina Dolls, I told my 4-year-old daughter,

"It is time to say good-bye to your Hina Dolls!"

Then my 6-year-old son said, "Then my "Kabuto" 's turn!"

(After removing all Hina Dolls, we display "Kabuto"(Samurai's helmet) which will be the next festival for the month of May in celebrating Children's day.)

Suddenly she started crying and said, "I don't like Kabuto! I want my Hina Dolls to stay here!"

I can see myself in my daughter when she cried hard after throwing her dolls.

I was once like her.

When I was young I also cry when my mother removed the dolls and it gave me a feeling of being lonely.

She might have the same feeling as me.

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Bento (Lunch Box) for my son

My 6-year-old son will make a field trip to the aquarium today.

I made a Bento (lunch box) for him.

In fact, I am not good at cooking.

I can't make a pretty and elaborately arranged lunch box which other mothers make.

I only put foods which he likes.

He had too many likes and dislikes when he entered the nursery school.

But now he can eat more than before.

I can find his growth in his lunch box which I made.

I hope he will enjoy the field trip!

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