Chocolate for Valentine's day

I went to the supermarket to do some shopping with my children yesterday.

I bought chocolate for my kids and husband while there, even though it was a little early for Valentine's day, because all of us had a day off yesterday and we were having a relaxing time.

In Japan, it is common that women give chocolate to men on Valentine's day.

I gave a box of chocolate to my husband.

He said with a grin:

"Thank you! But... I know. You only want to eat them by yourself, don't you?"

"Oh, busted!"

I grinned at him and said:

"All right, let's eat them together. Would you like a cup of coffee? Hey, Dad said you can eat the chocolate!"


Our children were glad and came to the table.

We enjoyed our time together eating the chocolate.

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Handmade Hina Dolls

My 8-year-old son made Hina Dolls at the children's house yesterday.

I was surprised that he drew such cute faces on them!

"How cute they are!"

I told him.

He smiled happily.

Actually, he is good at drawing dinosaurs, but isn't very good at drawing people's faces.

I think he did a good job!

I like it very much.

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