Considerate family

I have some topics that I wanted to write recently.

But unfortunately, it's hard for me to make time.

I can't write about them on time, but I would like to try to write them one by one before I forget them.

I went to work last Sunday.

A troublesome incident suddenly occurred, which we had to resolve before we could leave the office.

As a result, my coworker and I had to work overtime for 2 hours, but we couldn't solve the problem.

When I went to work, I told my husband that I will come home around 5pm, but I came home at 7pm.

I was so exhausted.

When I opened the entrance door of my house, my 6-year-old daughter came to me and said;

"Hi Mom, we are making dinner now!"

"Oh, you are trying it, are you? Wow, thank you!"

My husband and I were making dinner in the kitchen.

Then my 8-year-old son said;

"Look mom! I put all things away in the living room. It's clean, isn't it?"

I was surprised to see the tidy living room.

"Wow, I am glad! You did it by yourself. Thank you son!"

He looked happy.

My daughter told me:

"This is a special dish I cooked only for you.  Try it!"

She made an omelet for me.

She wrote "ありがとう (Thank you)" with ketchup on it.

I was really impressed to see it.

"How delicious! I am really happy. I'm sure you will make a good cook in the future!"

She was glad to hear that.

My husband cooked other dishes.

"Thank you, all of you help me a lot. I forgot how tired I was!"

I was really moved by their kindness.

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!