The great disaster due to torrential rains

I wrote about the typhoon in my blog two days ago. → http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/09/school-is-closed.html

Fortunately we had no damage because of it.

Heavy rain due to an autumnal rain front and the typhoon broke a levee of the Kinugawa river in Ibaraki prefecture on Thursday.

A lot of town were flooded, and many people have evacuated even now.

When I watched the series of damages on TV news, I recalled a similar great disaster which happened 15 years ago.

It is so called "Tokai heavy rain disaster".

September 11, 2005.

It was the last day of my trip to Hokkaido with my friend.

It was sunny at Chitose airport.

When the airplane landed at Nagoya airport, we noticed that it rained heavily.

The airport was already closed, and flights after us had been all canceled.

All public transportation were suspended.

Fortunately my friend had parked her car at the airport, we could go to her house.

Even the large national highway was flooded.

She drove her car at the center of the road, but the rain water rushed into the car like a wave when a big truck passed though next to us.

A car was shaken each time.

It was scary.

I stayed at her house for a night and I went to my office next day.

My boss told me that I may go home.

I left our office with my colleague by car at 1pm, and came home 7pm.

It took about 6 hours because of the terrible traffic jam and dotted broken cars on the road due to the inundation though it usually takes about 50 minutes by car.

Our company's head office building was flooded above the floor level, we have suffered enormous damage.

I don't think the natural disaster is someone else's problem.

It could happen to us.

My thought are with everyone who has been affected by this disaster.

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