The differences of food between Michigan and Japan

I wrote that I was very confused about the difference of units between the US and Japan in my previous post.

I would like to write about the differences of food between Michigan and Japan today.

I am going to mention what I was surprised when I went shopping to the supermarket here in Michigan.

1. VERY large!

Some of the supermarkets are very large!

It sometimes takes time to find what I want.

And it's like walking exercise when I am exploring in the supermarket!

2. Various kinds of products

I sometimes can't choose the products because we have too many choices.
For example, milk.

There are so many sizes and kinds.

I think if I could try some, it would be easier to choose.

When I bought a gallon of milk, it wasn't good.

I had to drink all of them even though I didn't like it.

3. Various kinds of potato

I was surprised to see a lot of kinds of potato!

I used to buy Danshaku potato or May queen in Japan.

I still don't know what's the difference between yellow potato, red potato, and white potato!

I was also surprised that they were very cheap!

My children love French fries, and I often buy frozen French fries.

They are very cheap, so I often put them into their lunch box.

They love it very much and I just heat them in the oven.

Very easy and they are happy.

This is exactly "killing one birds with two stone"!

4. Various kinds of cheese

I often bought a pack of sliced processed cheese when I was in Japan.

I was surprised to see a lot of kinds of cheese at the supermarket.

When I went to the sandwich store with my children, I didn't know how to order.

I observed how other people were ordering and found out that I should write down my order on the bag of sandwich!

The bag was on the counter, so I took it and read what was written on it.

There were several options on it, and what I had to do was just check what I wanted.

I understood the options of bread, ham, vegetable and sauce, but I had no idea about the kinds of cheese.

I asked the staff,

"What cheese do children usually like the most?

He answered,


"American? Is that the name of the cheese?"

I thought in my mind, I didn't know about the names of cheese at all.

"OK, I'll have that."

I said to the staff.

My children asked me anxiously,

"What kind of sandwich are we going to eat? "

"I am not sure, but it would be nice!"

I answered.

5. Cabbage is very hard!

I don't know why but I feel cabbage is hard than Japanese one.

I try to simmer them when I cook it.

6. Cucumber is very thick and big!

My 8-year-old daughter loved cucumber when she was in Japan.

But after we moved, she doesn't like it very much.

Because they are very thick and big!

They are not prickly.

I was taught by my mother that prickly cucumbers are very fresh.

I wonder how I could know they are fresh or not without prickles.

7. Meats are very cheap!

I was surprised that meats are very cheap!

A pack of meat is usually very big, our family couldn't eat up one pack of beef for steak.

Meats are usually shaved and sold in Japan.

If I want shaved meat here, I have to ask the staff to shave them or cut them by myself.

I am getting used to cut by myself little by little.

8. The colors of decoration cake are very vivid!

I was surprised to see the very big cake at the supermarket.

But what made me more surprised was its color.

Blue? Pink? Orange???

I have never seen such color was used for cake in Japan.

I agree that they look colorful, fun, and cheerful.

I would like to try it someday.

9. There are few options of fish.

It might be only in Michigan, but unfortunately, I couldn't find a lot of kinds of fish here.

Most of them are salmon and tilapia.

I haven't tried tilapia, but I like it very much.

The taste is like a cod.

10. Japanese food sold in Michigan are way too expensive!

When we first started living here, we often went to the Japanese supermarkets.

The prices were too expensive!

I understand it is costly to import them from Japan.

But I feel like I pay too much unnecessary charge for them.

I enjoy finding such differences.

I never know unless I try!

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!


  1. In France we are the champions for yogurts and cheese. I didn't realized it since I have been living there since I was born but the amount of variety you can find at a supermarket always surprises foreigners !

    1. When we go out from our own countries, we could see such differences. That’s interesting, isn’t it?