Dad Has Come Home!

My husband is really busy recently.

Especially he often comes back home midnight, in the worst case, he sometimes came back home after I got up at 4am.

He has always lack of sleep and couldn't spend much time with family.

But, he was unusually able to come back home at 5:30pm yesterday.

Our children were so excited to listen to the sound that he opened the door of the entrance.

"It's Dad! He has come back!"

They run to the entrance and danced happily saying "Welcome back Dad!"

They always do like this when their dad come back home before they go to bed.

My husband told me before, "Their funny dancing and enthusiastic welcome make me heal."

I really realize that how we spend the time with children is more important than how much time we spend with them.

Quality is more important than quantity.

My children love their Dad very much though he can't spend much time with them.


I think because he reads books with them, plays toys with them, listens to their practises of the Electone, plays sumo with them, draws pictures with them....

If he didn't deal with them, children would not love him so much.

Needless to say, our children wanted to play with him and my poor husband had to play with them though he looked very sleepy.

But we were able to toast with beer at dinner time!

It was good for the very hot day and when I was tired.


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