Origami Cranes

Since I had a day off yesterday, my 5-year-old daughter was also absent from nursery school.

So we went to the library in the morning.

Associated with a day of the end of the war of August 15, there was a special display of the books about War and Peace.

I found that there were Origami papers there and it was written "Please make a crane freely. Please put it in this box."

(*Origami (paper folding) is one of the traditional Japanese arts. We use square color paper and fold it and make animal, flower, figure, and other various things.)

Some strings of origami cranes were decorated there.

It means it is a plan by the library to make "Senbazuru ( a group of one thousand origami paper cranes held together by strings)" by library users.

Cranes are one of the symbols of longevity in Japan.

And we make thousand origami cranes when we hope that someone (including myself) will recover from diseases, and it is also the symbol of peace.

I asked my children,

"Do you want to try?"

They answered,

"Of course, yes!"

We started making origami cranes together.

I taught them how to make cranes, but it was still too difficult for little children to make a corner delicately.

I needed to help them a lot, but we could finish making it.

I recalled a memory that I visited Canadian elementary school 20 years ago.

I stayed Canada for a month and went to college to study English when I was a university student.

One day, we had an opportunity to visit elementary school and taught how to make origami cranes to students.

They were so interested in origami and tried eagerly, but most of students couldn't make it beautifully.

Both to teach how to make it and fold origami dexterously are very difficult.

Actually I am clumsy, so not good at origami.

But I believe that concentrating on making origami is very enjoyable.

Please try it if you have the chance!

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  1. I also believe the art of Calligraphy is very important, the ability to channel ones self into writing a Kanji. That of course is just me, some may think it nuts but I believe both arts are vital to spiritual growth, even if you do not do it well.

  2. Thank you for your comment! I agree. Both Calligraphy and Origami need a mental concentration. That's why adults maight teach how to do them to children.