"Bouzu-Mekuri", Japanese traditional card game

My children and I often play "Bouzu-Mekuri" recently.

"Bouzu-Mekuri" is one of the Japanese traditional card game using Karuta of "Hyakunin Isshu".

"Hyakunin Isshu" is one of the most Japanese classical famous anthologies of "waka" written by 100 poets.

"Waka" is a short poem which express a scene, feeling, seasons, and so on with 31 Japanese letters and it sounds very rhythmical.

It is presumed that it has been established in the first half of the 13th century (though it has not been determined).

Hyakunin Isshu is now famous for its Karuta game.

There are 200 cards in Hyakunin Isshu.

100 cards of them are written each poem and the picture of the poet who wrote it.

Another 100 cards are written each of the last part of the poem in Hiragana (one of the Japanese character).


When we play "Bouzu-Mekuri", we only use the picture cards.
We place all of the picture cards face down.
Each of us will turn over one card and if we can see man's face in the card, that means  you can take it.
On the other hand, if you can see a princess (woman) in the card,  it means you get one more chance to turn another card.
If you can see a Buddhist priest in the card that you turn over, that means you have to release all the cards you had.
If you can see an Emperor who is seated on a stripe pedestal in the card, that means you can get the cards released by other people.
The person who gets the most number of cards will win the game.
(The rules are different from each family so it is my family's rules.)
This game doesn't need any skills, it depends on who is the luckiest!
My children enjoyed the game very much.
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  1. Great game! I didn't know that. As you're pressed for time due to the upcoming qualification exam, I'll be quick. I've found that you used "while" without a main clause(主文/主要な節). If I understood your explanation correctly, it could read something like "If you happen to have an Emperor card, you can get the cards released by..." のように「While…,主文」または「主文 while 従属する文・節」となります。詳しくは英英辞典の用例などをご確認ください。
    Thank you for your attention. Wish you all the best in your exam.
    英語教室 Lingo Field (仙台)

    1. Hello! Thank you for your correction again today! Today's entry was the most difficult topic I had ever written before. I am grateful to you. I have just corrected the sentence, so please check it. Thank you again!