Signs of Autumn

We went to the park where is a little far from our house yesterday.

An event was held in one of the facilities in the park, so we were going to visit there.

Since the park was very big, my children found a fun playground equipment on our way to the event place, they started playing.

I was not supposed to play outside, I didn't want to stay there long because it was hot.

But while we were outside, I could feel that wind was fresh and comfort.

It wasn't at the climax in the summer anymore, we could feel the sign of Autumn.

To play outside is best for children, but they can't play outside if it is too hot.

My husband and I were looking at my children who were absorbed in play.

It was so comfortable that I felt happy.

But we found thunderhead which is one of the symbol of summer.

It was reflected in the window of the building and was very beautiful!

On our way to parking, we heard the sound of "Tukutuku-boushi (meimuna opalifera)", a kind of cicadas.

We can hear their sounds from late summer, about the time of the end of Obon.

My husband told me,

"Oh, Tukutuku-boushi is singing! Summer is also nearing its end."

We stopped walking and listened its sound.

It is still hot, but summer will be ending little by little.

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