A happy family day

My husband and I had a day off yesterday.

Since both of us often work on weekends recently, my family gather together after a long absence.

Our family friend came to our house in the morning and we enjoyed talking together.

Then we went to "Mentai Park" in the afternoon.

It is owned by a long-established company which manifacutures "Mentaiko (seasoned cod roe)".

There are the seasoned cod roe factories where we can observe for free including a direct sales store for seasoned cod roe, a museum and a food court.

My children like the museum very much because it has kids area which has games related to Mentaiko, kids space where children can play, and other high-tech game.

They enjoyed playing there and after that we went to the food court.

We ate big onigiri (rice bowl), a steamed meat bun and asoft ice cream all with mentaiko.

All of them included mentaiko.

They were yummy!

All of us were smiling together, enjoying our holiday.

The holiday that  I spend with all of my family members is really good.

I spent a grand  time with my family.

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