Back to my usual days

I finally finished the bookkeeping exam last Sunday.

I marked my answers referring to the answer breaking news which are announced in the websites by each qualification schools.

Maybe I could pass the exam.

The official result will be announced on next Monday, so I have to wait for a while.

Anyway, I had studied it since February so I am pretty confident that I will pass it.

I am so glad that finally I can free myself from studying those bookkeeping lessons.

But it is only a temporary respite for me because I have another things that I should study for my job.

I really want to have time to study English, but just a bit more patience.

My children were playing with Lego blocks together last night.

When they can play together nicely, it is helpful for me because I don't take my time to settle down their fight.

So I usually try not to disturb them when they already enjoyed with what they played.

"Look! We made our house with Lego."

My 4-year-old daughter told me.

The house was bigger than our real house with a dog and a car.

I found it interesting after seeing them built their dream house together.

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