Kid's sumo tournament

My 6-year-old son participated in the kid's sumo tounament yesterday.

He got the flyer from school last month.

When I read it, I told him "Why don't you participated in this tounament? You like sumo very much!"

He likes sumo and he often asks my husband and me to play sumo with him.

He answered, "No, I don't want to. Maybe I will not be able to win."

I said, "Why do you say so before you try? You never know until you try!"

He changed his mind and I applied for participation.

There were many children and family at the venue.

The venue was overflowing with excitement and enthusiasm from the vigor of many children and families.

Children were worn "mawashi"(sumo belt) on the gymnastics pants by staff and took off the T-shirts.

My son lost the first match, but he won the second match!

He didn't look nervous though many people were watching the match.

He was not scared to collide with the opponent.

I was proud of his courage!

Needless to say, I had to play sumo with him many times!

It makes me tired because he was getting stronger and stronger, so I have to play it seriously.

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