I gave ourselves a reward for working hard

I wrote that I gave myself a reward for working hard when I was busy in my past entry.

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Since my husband is very busy and he has to work every Saturday and Sunday recently, I have to take care of my children and do housework almost alone.

I had been very busy and tired.

But he had a day off last Friday after a long interval.

I hit on a good idea and called him after I finished my work.

"Why don't we go out for dinner tonight?"

In fact, I don't like cooking very much.

I was about tired of handmade meals by myself, so I wanted to give ourselves a reward for working hard.

He said, "OK."

We decided to go to the Japanese food restaurant where I have been to once with my co-workers.

We chose ”all-you-can-eat Japanese foods” that we could eat sushi, tempura, shabu-shabu, and so on.

My 6-year-old son ate eight fried chicken and my 4-year-old daughter ate five chocolate donuts!

All of us ate too much but we could have dinner together after a long time and have a good time.

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