When I am in a slump

I had enjoyed learning English until a week before, but I am in a slump learning in English.

I could express my feeling in English well before, but I often can't find the word in English now.

When I listen to my ESL classmates' English, I often feel inferior to them.

I don't want to read something written in English now.

Why can't I improve my English even though I am studying hard?

Oh, what should I do...?

I had an ESL class today, but I skipped it because I felt sick to my stomach this morning.

But if anything, I didn't feel like it today.

In that case, I try not to push myself.

Take a rest, stop learning English, don't think too much....

I really want to know how to get out of the slump.

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!

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