Good bye Hina Dolls!

I made "chirashi-zushi" for Girl's Festival on Sunday because my husband would visit his brother on March 3rd.

It is very easy to make, so I always make this on Girl's Festival.

Since my children and I love salmon roes very much, we enjoyed eating sushi toghter.

When I was packing Hina Dolls, I told my 4-year-old daughter,

"It is time to say good-bye to your Hina Dolls!"

Then my 6-year-old son said, "Then my "Kabuto" 's turn!"

(After removing all Hina Dolls, we display "Kabuto"(Samurai's helmet) which will be the next festival for the month of May in celebrating Children's day.)

Suddenly she started crying and said, "I don't like Kabuto! I want my Hina Dolls to stay here!"

I can see myself in my daughter when she cried hard after throwing her dolls.

I was once like her.

When I was young I also cry when my mother removed the dolls and it gave me a feeling of being lonely.

She might have the same feeling as me.

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  1. Thank you for posting accounts of everyday happy (sometimes a bit bitter-sweet like today) occasions for your family. This time, I'd like to suggest just one minor amelioration. As you know, we use "the time" to show the exact time as in "Do you have the time?" = What time is it? We usually say "It's (about/high) time to do something. Thank you for your attention. Wish your family continued health and prosperity.
    英語教室 Lingo--Field

    1. Hello! Thank you for your suggestion again today. I have corected it. I agree. We also say like "time to go to bed". But I didn't notice it... Thank you so much!