Happy family day! But...

Something has been not wrong with my laptop since last week, that's why I have not been able to get much work done recently.

But I finally could write my blog again after a week.

Since it was a fine Satureday, my family visited the plum blossom viewing spot near my house.

The plum blossoms were so beautiful and the air was redolent of them.

All of them were "trees of weeping Japanese apricot".

We could also see bamboo forest there.

A flower of plum blossom was so beautiful!

My children looked forward to playing and touching chicks there rather than looking at plum blossoms.

(There was a small zoo next to the plum orchard.)

Especially my 6-year-old son loves animals.

The plum blossom festival was held there, so there were lot of food stands.

We had a great time there.

After we came back home, my son and I visited to his friend's house to give cookies for white day.

She gave him chocolates at Valentine's day, so we made cookies in return before we went out.

Then we enjoyed the board game called "The game of life".

It is a very famous board game in Japan.

My family used to play it when I was a child.

I bought it because I wanted to play with my children as well.

We enjoyed it very much.


While I was making dinner, my son acted differently than usual.

My husband touched him and said, "He may be have a fever!"

I also touched him, he was so hot and I found out that he had a fever.

I took his temperature soon, he had over 39 degrees!

He started to cry saying, "I have a headache! I almost threw up!"

He panicked and cried.

Since I made a judgment that I had better use suppository of antipyretics, I inserted it to him.

Then he was able to fall asleep, but he has not got well yet.

I should take him to the hospital today.

I suspect that he would have a flu.

Anyway I hope he will get well soon.

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