A Great Dad and Spring Festival

I attended the PTA general meeting, the class observation day, and the class assembly held at my 6-year-old son's elementary school yesterday.

Two days ago, my 4-year-old daughter told me, "I want to go skating!".

There is a skating rink where it takes about 40 minutes by car from our house and we went there once before.

I answered, "We have to go to his school, so why don't you ask your dad?"

She asked him soon and he answered, "All right."

She was glad to hear that and said, "Hurray! I will go skating with dad tomorrow!"

I knew he would not be all right.

He has been very busy recently and he often came home in the early morning, so he doesn't have enough sleep.

I thought he answered irresponsibly.

She was so excited to go skating with him very much.

My husband came home at 4:30am yesterday.

I asked him, "Are you OK? You must be sleepy. You need to sleep. She was looking forward to going skating with you very much. Poor our daughter!  Don't make a promise you can't keep!"

He said, "I will keep our promise. She will be satisfied if she skates for about 2 hours. I am going to take her to the skate rink in the morning and come back home in the early afternoon."

My children and I had a plan to visit my parents house in the yesterday's afternoon because the spring festival would be held in my hometown.

He went to bed at 5:30am and woke up at 8:00am and they really went skating!

I was really surprised at him.

He kept promise with his daughter though he was so tired and sleepy.

I am proud of him as their father.

After they came back home, my daughter told me "It was so fun! I skated with dad!"

My husband looked so sleepy.

I really thanked him and I thought that I wanted him to sleep more.

My children and I visited my parents house in the evening ( If we are not home, he will be able to sleep more and relax!).

The spring festival is held on Saturday and Sunday in my hometown.

The festival has more than 100 years history.

Six Dashi (floats) parade through the town.

The float has two long ropes in front of it and children and young people hold and pull ropes and walk shouting "Se---rai! Se---rai!"

Ohayasi and drum sounds made us excited.

(* Ohayashi : It is a traditional festival music in Japan. Traditional Japanese musical instruments (flutes, drums, and so on) play the traditional Festival music of the region.)

My children enjoyed walking with the float very much.

They shouted "Se----rai!" in a loud voice with another children.

According to the weather forecast, it will be cloudy, later rain today.

I hope the weather will hold as long as possible.

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