The pupa has turned into a swallowtail butterfly!

When we came back home, my 6-year-old son shouted, "Wow! The pupa has turned into a swallowtail butterfly!"

I wrote about striped caterpillars which my son caught in my blog entry of Oct.27.


Indeed I didn't think that it would hatch from a pupa after 6 months.

He was so glad and deeply moved to find it, but my 4-year-old daughter stepped backwards because she was scared of any insects.

Unfortunately it might not be able to fly because there were not enough space to open its wings in the cage.

I took off the cover of the cage and made enough space for it and took out another pupa from the cage.

I was glad that we had a good opportunity to see the mysterious phenomenon of nature.

I hope that another pupa will be able to open its wings with no problems and my children will be able to watch the phenomenon.

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