Expensive sweet mango made in Japan

My husband sent grapes as a summer gift to his cousin about two weeks ago.

Grape is famous specialty goods of our neighbor city.

We received a summer gift from them yesterday.

It was mango!

Mango made in Japan is very popular but very expensive in Japan.

I have never bought it ever before because it is too expensive.

I emailed my husband about the gift.

He told me this morning that he promised his colleagues that he would bring mango and eat it with them.

"No way! I want to try it, too!"

I complained to him.

"I will bring only one, so let's try it for breakfast."

He said and cut them.

"Wow! How sweet!"

It was really nice.

Our children don't like mango, so they didn't try it.

My husband and I were able to enjoy eating them very much.

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1 comment:

  1. Hello Kumi-san,

    Those mangos did indeed like very sweet. I would say that your children missed a great opportunity. Still more for you and your husband :)

    Here is a list of other issues found with the rest of the post:

    This line:
    Grape is famous specialty goods of our neighbor city.

    Should be:
    Grapes are famous specialty goods of our neighboring city.

    Reason: Grape needed to be plural as there were many grapes. Also "Grapes is" was changed to "Grapes are" as this sounds more natural and is grammatically correct. Changed neighbor to neighboring.

    In the neighboring city there was a lot of bad weather recently.
    The neighboring houses they all have nice gardens.
    My neighbors are very noisy.

    This line:
    Mango made in Japan is very popular but very expensive in Japan.

    Should be:
    Mango made in Japan is very popular but very expensive.

    Reason: You do not need to end the sentence with "in Japan", as you already said previously that the mango was made in Japan. This makes the sentence sound slightly less repetitive and robotic. The sentence is still correct the way you wrote it however.