We visited my parents' house during Obon.

We visited my parents' ancestor's graves, had dinner with my parents and my sister's family, then enjoyed playing with sparklers.

My 7-year-old son likes playing Donjara (picture matching game), so we enjoyed playing it.

(I wrote about Donjara in my past post : http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/search?q=donjara )

My son was so excited because he won the game at first.

Our family stayed overnight there.

The next day(yesterday), my 6-year-old daughter wanted to try the Japanese tea ceremony.

My mother has a set of implements used for serving tea, and she served tea (Matcha) for us when we visited my parents' house during the New Year's vacation.

My daughter remembered it.

My mother's friend is a teacher of Sado (Japanese tea ceremony) and she goes to the kindergarten to teach how to serve tea for children.

My mother goes there with her and helps her to teach them.

First, scoop tea from the tea caddy with chashaku (a small spoon made of bamboo) and put it into the tea bowl.

Then, mix the powered tea quickly using the chasen (tea whisk) with hot water.

Let's have a lovely tea time!

Actually, I am not familiar with the way of tea ceremony, but my mother praised her.

"You did a great job though you are still very young! I know how children who are the same age as you serve tea, they usually can't do it like you."

She was glad to hear that and served tea for all of us.

I thought my mother is really good at praising people.

I want to learn how to praise children from her.

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  1. Hello Kumi-san,

    The tea ceremonies that I have seen from Japan look very involved. All we do here is put a tea-bag or tea leaves in a pot and pour boiling water on them and sometimes add milk. That is as far as our tea making goes. Still it must be fun to make it a big event. I imagine it is relaxing to do also.

    Here is a list of some of the other issues found with the post:

    Note: I could only find one error and it is arguable weather it is an error but I am being on the cautious/strict side and counting it as one.

    This line:
    My mother goes there with her and helps her teaching them.

    Should be:
    My mother goes there with her and helps her to teach them.

    My mother goes there with her and helps with the teaching.

    1. Hello Terry.
      Thank you for the correction!