Hair Crabs

My husband bought hair Crabs from Hokkaido.

Happily, my husband and I have a day off today.

I will be able to spend Christmas Eve with my family.

I am looking forward to having the crabs for Christmas dinner tonight!

With best wishes and Merry Christmas.                                      

Thank you(^o^) for reading this article!


  1. Hello Kumi-san

    I hope you had a great Christmas and that the new year treats you and your family well. The crabs look very appetizing. I have never had crab. Though I am told that they taste similar to salty fish cakes.

    Here is a list of some of the issues found with the rest of the post:

    This line:
    I am looking forward to have them for Christmas dinner tonight!

    Would be better written as:
    I am looking forward to having/eating the crabs for Christmas dinner tonight!

    Reason: In the previous sentence you mentioned that you will be able to spend time with your family. And then in the next sentence you say "I am looking forward to eating them for Christmas dinner". Clearly you don't mean you want to eat your family for dinner but instead the crabs. I am being very strict here and no one would really misinterpret the sentence, but I just want to highlight that it can be read in more than one way as originally written.

    This line:
    With best wishes for Merry Christmas.

    Should be:
    With best wishes and a Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you Terry!
      I was suprised that the last sentence was wrong.
      I refered to the examples of Christmas greetings in English.
      It isn't reliable.
      Thank you so much!

    2. HI Kumi-san,

      It's not wrong. But the other version is slightly more specific as to the meaning of the sentence.