Uunforgettable Day

Yesterday was the last day for my 6-year-old son to go to the nursery school.

My children enjoyed a balmy spring day at the nursery school.

It was a very warm day, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

When I reached the nursery school to pick them up after I finished my work, he was playing soccer with his friends.

I was so impressed because he no longer looked a little baby, he was a boy who had grown up.

I recalled his first day for him at the nursery school.

His teacher told me that he didn't have lunch at all.

I looked at him, he almost started to cry.

It is a fond memory for us now.

I always want to go home with them quickly because I would be busy for housework at home, but I wanted to watch them playing soccer enjoyably a little more.

He and I said a final thank-you to his class teacher.

She will be transferred to another nursery school from April.

She was cheerful and very kind to children.

I know she loved children very much because she really watched children well and always told parents about our children a lot.

She sometimes a little strict to them with love, but I liked her way of taking care of children.

My son and I liked her very much and I really thank her.

She is also a mother with two children, so we enjoyed talking about our children.

After we came home, I suggested my children to go to the park near our house to see cherry blossoms because the weather forecast said that it would last rainy days for a while from tommorow and I thought today was the last day which we could see cherry blossoms.

They were so excited and said, "I want to go! "

We walked to the park singing songs.

Since we rarely go out in the night, they were so exited.

The park was illuminated.

It was for the first time to see cherry blossoms at night.

They were so fantastic and beautiful beyond description.

We were fascinated by them for a while.

Then they started playing with other children around playground equipments.

We stayed in the park for more than one and a half hours.

Thanks to him, I was able to become a mother.

The things which are for the first time for my son are also for the first for me.

So he is a little nervous about the new life.

And I also a little worried whether he will be able to get used to the new life soon.

March of parting and the departure ends and April of an encounter and begininng is coming!

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