New Desks came to our home!

We bought desks and chairs for my children last month and they were delivered to our home yesterday.

One of the reasons why we decided to buy new sets ofdesks for them is that my son will enter elementary school in April.

The desk is intended for my son's use only, but I could see that my daughter will surely be jealous and would envy why her brother has and she doesn't have.

We decided to bought one for her too even if she will be using it two years from now.

While furniture store's delivery men were assembling desks, my children were excited and looking at what they were doing.

After they finished assembling them, my children were so glad to see them and told me,

"I am going to study here!"

And they started making their notes and draw some pictures and my son asked my husband to make some questions of simple calculation and solve them.

I asked my 4-year-old daughter, "What are you going to study?"

She answered "I am going to study "Study"!"

It was funny that she didn't understand what to study.

They liked their new rooms (desks and chairs) very much and they stayed for a while.

When I got up this morning, they were leaving the lights on in their room.

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  1. Good for your son and daughter! I'm very happy for them, too. Also, thank you for helping me recall how I was excited when I got my own desk just prior to getting into elementary school. The desk has long gone, but I still use the sturdy manual pencil sharpener my dad got for me more than four decades ago. I'm pretty sure that your children will be thanking you parents for all the good things you give them.
    Kind regards,
    英語教室 Lingo-Field (仙台)

  2. Hello! Thank you for your comment again. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my blog post!