Tomorrow is another day

I like the sky of predawn.

I get up at 4 o'clock every day because I make dinner and lunch box, do the laundry, and study English.

Unfortunately, I have to study about bookkeeping for my job recently , so I am not able to have much time writing blog entries and take English online lessons.

But studying about bookkeeping is getting more interesting than before.

I will take an exam of bookkeeping in June.

Everytime I hang the laundry out to dry, I can see the sky of predawn from a porch at the second floor of my house.

The sky gradually turns into a rainbow color and it is so beautiful and awe-inspiring.

I like the color and its predawn stillness.

I can feel an extraordinary feeling as if I feel like having this moment only for myself and it inpires me a lot to do the best of what I can do today.

According to one of the famous Japanese classic essay, Makurano Soushi from which I quoted this line that goes "in spring it is the dawn that is most beautiful".

I really agree this!

My 6-year old son was so upset and in a bad mood yesterday after we came back home.

He suddenly said "I am going to die!"

"What happened?" I asked.

But he chose to stay in silent and didn't answer my question.

And he kept saying "I am going to die" "I'm fed up with all this stuff!"

I always tell my children not to say the phrase to "die" to their friends and family.

But I told him "Maybe you had an experience as bitter as death at the nursery school today."

After a while, he started telling me why he was upset.

His good friend was absent from school, and he was not able to play nicely with other classmates.

He started crying and said, "Everyone didn't play with me though I told them "Let's play together!"".

I told him, "That's too bad! You really wanted to play with your friends, but they wanted to play with other classmates. You were so disappointed! "

He nodded.

I continued, "But I am very happy to hear that. Do you understand why I am happy? Do you remember how you were when you entered nursery school? You told me that you didn't like play with your classmates. You wanted to play alone because you wanted to monopolize a toy. But you want to play with your friends! You grew a lot during the nursery school life. Today was not your day, but rainy days never stay. Tomorrow is another day!"

He stopped crying and said, "I want to eat snack!"

"Tomorrow is another day".

It may be the word not only for him but also for me.

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