A tiny dinosaur

My 6-year-old son loves animals and insects.

"I did it! Mom! I caught a lizard! How cute!"

....It  looked like a tiny dinosaur and it will never be cute for me.

After that, it run away from his hand and he could never find it any more.

He became in very bad mood, so I told him "I am sorry for you, but you will be able to find it again someday!"

I was really relieved that it run away from him.
Because he would tell me that he would want to raise it at home.

No way!

Summer is a season that likes to tease me because my son's favorite insects come out.

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  1. Haha. I remember I used to catch lizards all the time as a kid. I'm sure he will catch one again!

    1. Thank you for a comment. Exactly! He had already caught another lizard again(> _<) .