The book written by himself

My 6-year-old son told me when I picked him up at the children's house yesterday's evening.

"Look at this! I wrote a book by myself."

It was a story about a mother and children of the squirrel.

A Feeling Lonely Dependent Little Squirrel
One day, there is a mother squirrel.
She has something in her tummy.
Squirrel babies are in her tummy.
Two babies said good bye to their mother and went away.
But only one baby stayed his mommy's tummy.
What's happen?
Are you going to go out from your mommy's tummy?
He cried and said,
"I want to stay with mommy forever!"
After a while, he stopped crying and finally went away .


After I read, I told him,

"You imitated the book which we borrowed at the library last week, don't you?"

It was a story about a mother and children of a dandelion and fluff.

"Yeah. I am not good at writing about the human, so I changed the story about the squirrel. The baby who couldn't go away from mom is like me, right?"

It was so funny because I told him the same thing when I read the book which we borrow.

Anyway, this seems to become my good memory of my son in the future.

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