The summer gift which I am glad to get

We recieved a summer gift from my brother-in-law 2 days ago.

It was an assortment of peaches!

They are packed carefully because they are easy to be damaged.

I like fruits very much but I rarely buy a peach because it is expensive.

I was very glad to get them.

Since we live near a grape-producing area, we send them to him and other relatives every summer.

If they are glad, we will be also glad.

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  1. Nice! Peach here are expensive too but not as much as the ones from Japan. Japanese ones are a lot bigger and sweeter though. It must be nice to have cold peach in hot weather 😀

    1. Thank you for a comment! Yes, I ate one and it was nice but still green so I need to put them outside the fridge. I am looking forward to eating them!