We can see various types of "Lucky Cat"

Since my 6-year-old son told me that he wanted to play with his grandmother, we went to my parent's house again yesterday.

I wanted to stop by one of  the sightseeing spot of the pottery called "Lucky Cat Street" because it was a nice weather.

I wrote about my hometown in my past entry. →"My Sweet Hometown" http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/05/my-sweet-hometown.html

My hometown is famous for its traditional industry of pottery.

We can see various types of  pottery cats at the "Lucky Cat Street" and around the promenade.

They were made by thirty nine local ceramic artists and they are symbolized our ordinary wishes.

This is so-called "Lucky Cat".

Family cats are symbolized "Household Harmony" .

This cat is symbolized "Wish you a safe delivery".

This one is "Good Luck with your study".

How about this?

If you visit there, your hope may come true?

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