What day is it today?

Before he went to work in the yesterday's morning , my husband told me "Today is the birthday."

"Whose birthday?" I asked to him.

"My birthday." He answered.

I was so surprised to hear that.

I completely forgot his birthday though I remembered that today is "Mother's day".

It was the first time to forget his birthday after we met each other.

"Happy Birthday!" I told him in hurry.

I made "Hand-rolled sushi" for dinner.

After he came back, we held his birthday party.

Hand-rolled sushi is very easy to make, we can enjoy sushi at home.

We only put vinegared rice and favorite ingredients (raw fish like tuna, squid, shrimp, cucumber,lettuce, and so on) on a sheet of dried seaweed and roll it.

We enjoyed dinner very much!

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