My sweet hometown

Since it would be crowded during Golden Week, my children and I visited my parents' house on Saturday and Sunday.

In fact, my hometown is famous for its pottery and it is one of the "Six Ancient Kilns of Japan".

We often went to their house, but my children had never been to any sightseeing spots related to the pottery.

So we decided to visit one of the famous sightseeing spots.

It is the promenade where there are many factories of potteries, and we can walk through many narrow alleys like a maze, see many potteries, and enjoy local foods in many restaurants.

They are chimneys of climbing kilns.

It is built more than 120 years ago.

This is a very big "Lucky Cat".

Its raising left hand means "Many customers will come".

We can find many pottery cats everywhere in the promenade.

It is a very big frog shaped water jar.

I used to run and play there when I was an elementary students.

Now my children enjoyed running and playing there.

Walking there again, was very nostalgic for me.

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