My mischievous 6-year-old daughter

My 6-year-old daughter turned the black lucky cat toward the aquarium of goldfishes.

I couldn't stop laughing to look at this.

Surely the goldfishes would be scared because the black cat was stearing at them!

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  1. This line:
    My naughty 6-year-old daughter

    Question: I am not sure why your daughter is being naughty for liking particular picture maybe it could be better worded as:

    My (devious/mischievous) 6-year-old daughter

    This line:
    My 6-year-old daughter did like the picture.

    Should be:
    My 6-year-old daughter likes this picture.

    My 6-year-old daughter does like this picture.

    Reason: As written in your original sentence it sounds as if your daughter did like the picture but now may or may not like it? If it is true that she no longer likes it then ignore all of this.

    Note: This is being extremely picky and any native speaker would be clear on its meaning. I just want to highlight so you notice it.

    1. Hi Terry.
      Thank you for informing me my strange santences.
      Since I had only ten minites, I wrote it very quickly.
      I corrected the sentences and updated it, so please check it.

    2. Excellent much clearer and specific.