Her last working day

When we were cleaning our office yesterday morning, one of my colleague told me,

"Today is the last day I can work with you. Thank you for everything! "

She will quit her job at the end of August 
because she injured her knees and it's painful for her though we need to be standing while working.

"Time flies. I will miss you."

I answered.

She started working at our company about 2 years ago.

She is very competent and has a lot of knowledge.

She can deal with various problems with our customers, but she never boasts about it.

She is 10 years older than me, but I work at our company longer than her.

I know that there are people who act big just because they are older.

But she never lords it over me.

She could have a calm discussion even if I would express a dissenting view with her.

She always taught me kindly when I asked things I didn't know to her, so her existence always let me  feel relieved.

We enjoyed talking together during lunch time.

Since we had a good team work, our company could achieve the increasing of year-on-year sales for five months in a row.

To say the honest, her retirement is a big loss for us, but I hope she will get better.

Our owner has not been able to find a person who will take her place.

That means we will be busy in September.

I really hope that our owner will be able to find a good person like her as soon as possible.

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