New members of our family

My children and I went to the ceramic festival which was held in my hometown yesterday.

There were a lot of limited sales corner by many local ceramic shops, associations, and companies, we hanged aroud there.

I bought three rice bowls and five plates.

And my children bought Japanese rhinoceros beetles!

Why did they buy the insect at the ceramic festival?

Because local junior high school booth sold them for Donation of reconstruction assistance of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

It is popular among boys as pets.

Beetles were a thing to catch by oneself in old days,

but to catch them particularly in an urban area become difficult recently .

Therefore beetles are sold well in a shop.

My 6-year-old son chose male, and 5-year-old daughter chose female.

We bought the things which need to grow them at the DIY store.

My children, especially my son was so glad to get them, he watched them for a long time.

They may lay eggs.

If so, my works will increase than now.

Actually, we came to the same festival 2 years ago, and my son wanted to buy goldfishes.

He insisted that he would be sure to take care of them by himself, but he rarely did it after that.

I hope that he will take care of them by himself this time for sure.

Because I don't want to touch them!

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