An irritated morning

My 6-year-old son woke up and came to the living room at 7am (The alarm clock goes off at 7am on weekdays).

But he lay on the sofa and slept again.

My 5-year-old daughter still slept then woke up at 7:20.

She looked so sleepy.

"Wake up and have breakfast!"

I had to say many times in loud voice.

My son leaves for school at 7:45 every morning.

But he was still eating breakfast wearing pajama at that time.

I was so surprised to see the time and said,

"Hey, it's already time to go! Hurry up!"

I helped his changing clothes, and he left home at 7:50.

My daughter was sitting on the chair in front of her breakfast, but she almost didn't eat it.

"You always take a lot of time to eat breakfast. Don't take a break while eating! "

"But I am still sleepy..."

She finished breakfast at 8:20.

I want to take her to the nursery school at 8:30 because I have to leave home no later than 9am.

She managed to finish preparation for going to the nursery school by 8:30.

But she said,

"I want to write a letter to my friend."

"From now? No way! Do you really understand that we have to leave home at 8:30? We do it every day, don't you? Write a letter at the nursery school, OK?"

"No, I can't write it at the nursery school!"

I was so irritated.

"Why didn't you write it yesterday? You watched TV and you played with your brother for a long time. I believe you had enough time!  And why didn't you finish your breakfast quickly? If you want to write a letter, you had to hurry! Give me a break!"

She started crying.

I was sick of  scolding a little girl.

I always want to stay clam, but I couldn't yesterday morning.

I am like a timekeeper for them.

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