An unexpected praise

When we came back home at the yesterday evening, there was a circular notice for our neighborhood association.

t is a notice in a file given by our town. We have to pass it to our next neighbor after we  read it.

My 6-year-old son said,

"I want to bring it to the next neighbour!"

Last time I recieved the notice, I taught him to deliver it to the next house.

Recently I sometimes let my children help me with housework.

If they do something to help me, I give them 10 yen.

I also gave them saving boxes and they save money.

"Push the door bell, and say hello and say "I bring a notice" if someone answers!"

I told him, but he had already run to the neighbourhood's house.

He came back home after a while with a bag of chocolate snack.

"Was the neighbour there? What' that? Perhaps the neighbour gave it to you?"

"Yeah, she gave me this snack. She said I am a good boy who help my mother!"

He looked very glad.

"Good for you! We are very glad when we are praised unintentionally by somebody, don't you?"

After that, he did his homework and prepared for tomorrow's school soon though I said nothing to him.

My 5-year-old daughter looked at him and she also finished preparing her tomorrow's nursery school soon.

They enjoyed eating snack which he got.

I realized that to be praised by someone motivate children.

I know it but it is often difficult for parents because it is easier to scold them than praise them.
I want to become a mother who can praise children well.

I will try my best not to miss my children's good points.

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