My tooth finally fell out!

My 6-year-old son suddenly told me when he was having dinner yesterday evening,
"My tooth finally fell out!"
His upper front tooth was loose for 2 or 3 weeks.
"That's good! Did it hurt?"
"Not at all."
"So let's bury it in the ground later. We can't throw it under the floor."
We have a custom that if upper baby tooth falls out, we throw it on a roof and if lower baby tooth falls out, we throw it under a floor.
The custom seems to be a little different by each regions.
But it is like a charm to come in a good permanent tooth.
Japanese houses have space under the floor because the humidity is high here.
My parents house has lattice-like small windows on the house foundation, so I could throw my tooth from them when I was a child.
But recent Japanese houses don't have such kind of windows, so my son and I buried it in the ground.

Our dinner was "Yakisoba".

My son tried to eat it from his teeth gap.

He said,

"I don't have to open my mouse when I eat it!"

It was very fuuny for me.

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