My hideaway

My children want to go upstairs recently.

Because there is their hideaway at upstairs.

It is an attic storage.

Especially my 6-year-old son likes there.

Recently he doesn't watch TV very much.

He goes there soon cheerfully after he finishes his homework.
He sometimes calls his sister to play together there.

Before, I went the attic storage to see them because I was so interested in what they were doing though it was hot and narrow there.

They were playing with toys which I put there before.

My son was also reading comics and drawing pictures.

Since there is no electricity in the attic storage, I told him,

"Don't read books and draw pictures here. It is too dark!"

I know well that children like narrow space.

I used to do like them as a child.

I made my own room with the small cardboard.

I brought my favorite comics and flashlight, and read them in my hideaway.

But my mother advised me saying "Don't read books there. It is too dark. Your vision will be getting weaker!"

It is funny that I also did what my mother did when she was young and my children also did what I did as child.

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