What a pity!

When my children and I came back home by car yesterday evening, a boy and his grandfather were in front of our house.

He was my 6-year-old son's friend.

My son was so glad to see him and said,

"Yeah! Let's play together!"

He pulled his friend's arm and was going to take him into our house.

I said hello to his grandfather and asked him,

"But aren't you taking a walk with your grandpa now? "

"We wanted to come here."

He answered.

I looked his grandfather, he was waiting for him with a smile.

"Sorry, since it is already late today, could you come again at the earlier time of another day?"

My son got angry with me and said,

"No! Open the door!"

It was easy to guess what would happen next if I open the key of the entrance door.

In fact, I don't like that someone suddenly come and get into my house without appointment though someone is my children's friend.

Furthermore, it happend almost 5:30pm.

It is my busiest time to do housework.

If I allow his friend to enter the house, I also needed to invite his grandfather.

Of course I couldn't afford to keep him waiting while they were playing.

His grandfatehr told his grandson, "Going home now!"

We said good-bye to them and they went home.

My son still got angry with me.

"Why ... Why are you always so?"

"Will you listen to my reason why I refused?"

He god mad at me too much, so he didn't want to listen.

"I am going to kill myself! Where is the biggest knife in the house?"

When he is in very bad mood, he sometimes says like that though he doesn't understand its meaning at all.

So I tried to regard his suicide declaration as the greatest sadness for him.

"Please don't say "kill myself"."

I tried to stay clam.

I told him,

"I could't allow that they enter our house in today's stuation. It was already late and he was with his grandfather. I have met him once or twice and I talked with him for the first time today. If your friend would come into our house, his grandfatehr also had to come into our house. As I told you before, if you want to play with your friend, please promise in advance."

He said,

"I don't like this house, so I am going to run away from here. Please prepare my food!"

"What are you saying?"

I didn't do anything to him.

Then he started crying.

I guessed that he had another trouble at school.

I hugged him and said,

"OK, let's listen to your story. I guess something bad happend to you at school, right?"

"Yeah, I dropped down from a tree while I was climbing up."

"Were you alone?"

"No, I was with my friend. But since the bell rang, he went back to the classroom before me.
 After that, I fell down from the tree. So nobody noticed that I fell down from the tree. I bumped my head."

"Were you OK? Look at your head."

He had no bump but had a scratch on his arm.

"What a pity! I guess that you felt  lonely that nobody noticed your accident. But it was good that your scratch were not so bad. This is the reason you were in bad mood today, isn't it?"


He answered.

"But you had a good thing today. Your friend came to our house because he wanted to see you and play together. What a glad happening for you! Ask him to come to our house at another day. You want to show your beetles, don't you?"

He smiled at me and said,

"I am glad that I didn't kill myself!"

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