Donjara ~Good Old Game~

Yesterday was the National Foundation Holiday in Japan.

My children and I visited my parent's house.

My 6-year-old son told his grandmother, "I want to play "Donjara"!"

Donjyara is a picture matching game like mah‐jongg and it has been loved by Japanese families for a long time.

It is also called "Ponjan".

The illustrations of "Doraemon" are drawn on our Donjyara.

He had never experienced this game before, and he tried it for the first time yesterday.

I thought the rules were a little difficult for him, but he understood them and enjoyed it.

Furthermore, he was not a sore loser!

He enjoyed it very much and he didn't cry when he lost the game.

I was so surprised at him because I was a sore loser when I was a little girl.

But, my 4-year-old daughter was like me.

Before we played Donjara,  my mother, my son and my daughter played "karuta".

(* karuta from my past entry : http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/01/stormy-karuta-game.html )

I heard my daughter's wails many times (Maybe she cried every time she lost!).

And I was surprised that my mother kept the Donjara for more than 30 years!

My family often used to play it.

She is a person who takes care about her things very much!

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