Kids Design Award

I bought a pencil sharpener at the shop yesterday because my 6-year-old son will enter the elementary school from April and he will use it.

I was surprised that recent pencil sharpeners were very high-function though they were not so expensive.

As for this pencil sharpener which I bought, it won the prize of "Kids Design Award" in Japan.

I could realized this when I tried it.

First, it is very easy to use.

For example, my 4-year-old daughter could use it with no problems.
Next, it is safe.

There is a cutter inside the hole and children can't put their fingers in the hole.

Last, it can shave short pencils ( a minimum of about 5cm).

My children were very glad to it and they shaved a lot of color pencils.

Technology of Japan and the ideas of  improving their product are great!

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