Devils out! Fortunes in!

Yesterday was the day of  "Setsubun".

We have a custom to eat "Ehoumaki"(rolled sushi) at the day of Setsubun.

As far as I remember, this is quite a new custom about 18 years ago.

When I was a college student, I worked at sushi shop for a part time job.

A sushi chef heard about the custom from his friend, so he decided to make and sell them.

(According to the Wikipedia, it is said that "Ehoumaki" was spreaded by Seven Eleven Japan in 1998.)

When we eat "Ehoumaki", we face to the side of which we believe to be lucky this year (it was west south-west) and remain silent while eating and hopes for the good things to come for the whole year.

We usually eat rolled sushi on ordinary days and only eat the whole ehoumaki in celebration of setsubun.

My children kept talking to me so I couldn't keep silence.

My 4-year-old daughter didn't want to eat "Ehoumaki" because she didn't like raw tuna, so I cut a cucumber lengthwise and gave them to her.

Since she likes cucumber, she had it like eating "Ehoumaki".

After we finished dinner, we did the soybeans throwing ceremony.

We acted devil and fortune in turns, especially my 6-year-old son acted as the devil very well!

It turned out that the devil in him would not get out from the room soon, so we had to throw beans for more than 5 minutes.

If we finished throwing beans, we had to gather and throw them to his devil again.

It was not easy to get out the devil from our home.

We enjoyed Setsubun but I got very tired.

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