My secrets to prevent catching a cold

Flu is now has been going around in Japan.

I have my own secrets to prevent catching a cold.

First, of course enough nutrition and sleep are essential.

Next, I wear a mask when I sleep, so that my throat won't dry out.

It makes my face warm, and it does not make it difficult for me to breathe.

Lastly, I drink Japanese green tea during the winter season because it has an anti-bacterial effect.

The last two measures are especially effective at preventing me from catching a cold.

Please try them if you would like!

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  1. Just for clarification: When you wrote "those two secrets", you must have meant either "those three tips" or "the last two measures".
    Anyway, I believe the countermeasures you mentioned against flu will definitely work. Wish you and your family great health.
    Best regards,
    英語教室 Lingo-Field (仙台)

    1. Thank you for your pointing out! You are absolutely right. I will correct the sentence. I always welcome your advice.