Every child is different

My children like jellies very much.

Especially they like a grape jelly.

I often buy a set of three jellies ( grape, orange, strawberry), so they always fight to get the grape jelly.

So I bought two sets of three jellies for each of them yesterday.

I asked them, "Which jelly do you want to eat from now?"

My 4-year-old daughter answered, "Grape!"

My 6-year-old son answered, "Strawberry!"

She always wants to eat her best first and he always wants to save his best for last.

It is very interesting for me that their characters are completely different.

My husband suddenly started to exercise of high knee yesterday morning.

Then my daughter and I joined his exercise soon.

He told his son, "Come on! Let's do it together!"

My son came to us and lay down beside us and started relaxing!

It meant that my daughter was upbeat and my son was sometimes not easily influenced into joining some activities.

Those are their charateristic.

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  1. こんばんわ。


    1. いつもコメントありがとうございます!

  2. Love this! My children are apples and oranges as well. Love how different they can be!

    1. Thank you for yor comment! In my case, I would want to eat my best first especially sweets. I can't wait!