Which do you like?

My children and I enjoyed "Which do you like game" while we were taking a bath last night.

It is a very easy game.

I ask them which they like, A or B.

For example, I asked them " Which do you like, a jelly or a pudding?"

They answerd "Jelly!"

( I wrote that they liked a jelly at my past entry → http://a-o-j-m.blogspot.jp/2015/02/every-child-is-different.html )

They sometimes have same answers, but sometimes they answered differently.

For example of the same answers,

"Which do you like, a ham or a sausage?"  " A ham!"

"Which do you like, a chocolate or a cake?" " A chocolate!"

"Which do you like, spring or autumn?" "Spring!"

"Which do you want to go, to the aquarium or to the airport?" "To the aquarium!"

"If you have 1000 yen, which do you want to do, to buy toys or to buy snacks?" "To buy snacks!"

Like that.

For example of the different answers,

"Which do you like, a fish or a meat?" My 6-year-old son answered "A meat!" and my 4-year-old daughter answered "A fish!"

"Which do you like, Udon or Soba?" He prefers "Udon" and she prefers "Soba".

"Which do you like, Doraemon or Youkai Wathch or Tom and Jerry?" He answerd "Youkai Watch!" and she answered "Tom and Jerry!"

I could expect all of their answers correctly.

It was a good opportunity to be able to make sure that I knew about them well so far.

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