A dilemma on buying it now

My family visited a car dealer last Saturday to take the legal inspection of my husband's car and take a 6-month inspection of my car.

Both of us have to drive our own way going to the office everyday, that's why we need to have each of our car.

My car had some problem with it's windows.

After opening both the driver and the passenger side, there are times that it doesn't close.

So I told a staff about it and asked to find the reason.

While waiting, I found a nice red car among the display.

When I was trying to ride on it, the salesperson came to me and said,

"Why don't you try to drive it?"

He and I have a long relationship for more than 10 years because my father and sister are also his customer.

He knows about  us very well and he is the best salesperson as far as I know.

My husband and I had a drive test with that car.

He discussed to us the estimated calculation of the cost of the said car.

Finally, we decided to purchase the new car after a long considering.

I was hesitant at first whether I buy it or not because I was considering the price, but I think it's the right time for me to replace my old car which I have driven for 9 long years.

Furthermore, my car needed to fix its window buttons and we had to pay for it.

I was surprised that our children were playing without boring while we were talking for about 7 hours!

This is because various ideas are devised so that children do not get tired of the shop.

For example, the drinks are free and we can drink all we want.

Children can get snacks.

There is a little jungle-gym and slide in the store.

My children's favorite is a small car.

They can ride it inside the store.

They can watch anime on TV,  they can read comics, they can play with toys.

Thanks for them, we could have enough time to consider it.

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