The Parent's Duty

I went to the summer festival which was held near my house with my children yesterday evening.

I heard from a friend of mine that it won't be crowded if we go before 5pm, so we reached there by 5pm though it was still hot.

Since my children were looking forward to this festival, they were so excited to hang around rows of stalls .

I gave them allowances specially, and they bought toys, french fries, shaved ice, fried chicken, and soft drinks.

They were excited every time they met their friends and played together for a while.

We spent for about 2 hours there.

They said, "It was fun! I want to go again!"

As for me....

To tell the truth, I don't like crowded places.

I liked to go to the summer festival before, especially it was one of my biggest fun when I was a child.

But now, to go to the summer festival makes me tired.

Because it is hot and humid, and everything is very expensive but of course children want to buy something so I have to spend a lot of money though they are not so yummy.

And I have to talk with my children's friends' parents even if I am not familiar with them.

Since I am not a sociable person very much, to look out for other people all the time often makes me tired.

But I really understand that children love festivals and they were looking forward to going there very much.

If I were 10 years younger, I could enjoy summer festivals with my children!

I try to think that it is the parent's duty.

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