Give me a break!

Since it would be still a little difficult for him to make sentences and express what he thought, I helped writing my 6-year-old son's book report yesterday.

It was one of his homeworks during the summer vacation and he had not started to do them at all yet.

He already chose the book and finished reading it.

So I asked him what he felt about it and gave him some questions that if he were in the story what would he do?

I typed the things which he told me without any changes on my laptop and printed it.

He transcribed his writing into the manuscript paper.

It was his first time to write such long sentences by his hand, so he complained many times like "I am tired!".

When he finished writing the first page, I noticed that it was strange.

"Why will one line be insufficient than a copy?

I found that he skipped one line in the second paragraph.

I told him,

"I am afraid to say that,  you should write it again. I am going to help erase them."

Needless to say, he got mad and said,

"Give me a break! I don't want to do it again! I dislike doing homework!"

I had to wait until he would calm down.

He can do it in another day.

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