Cicada catching

When we hear cicadas singing, we feel  the height of summer.

Cicadas live as larvae for many years under the ground, and they can live as imago for only for a month.

So I feel that cicadas singing are like crying of their lives.

(But many people feel that cicadas' big chorus is noisy because they sing from early morning to the sunset.)

Cicadas catching is one of the popular activities for boys in Japan.

Many insect cages and insect catching nets are sold in shops.

My 6-year-old son also loves cicada catching very much.

I went to the park near my house with my children yesterday afternoon.

There are a lot of trees there and it was easy to find many cicadas.

I caught cicadas using the insect catching net and he grabbed and put them into the insect cage.

We caught fourteen cicadas!

Since my 4-year-old daughter is scared of cicadas, she was riding a swing while we were catching cicadas.

I told my son after we caught them enough,

"Release them when we go home. Poor cicadas can live only for a short time."

"I know. I will. But I want to take four of them to the home. Can I?"

"Only two. But let's release them after you observe them. OK?"

He agreed reluctantly.

He released them saying, "Good-bye cicadas! I hope we can meet again somewhere!"

I guess that today will become one of the fun memories in summer vacation for him.

And I was impressed that he grew up a little than two years ago.

He couldn't release them because he wanted to keep them when he was 4 years old.

Then cicadas died in his cages.

I will be glad if he understand cherishing life.


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